Digital Formula

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The Mix Experience


Maximizing Revenue

Start reaching your ideal customer utilizing the power of popular consumer digital channels like Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, and Google PPC, to name a few. 

We help you set up your data driven marketing and advertising campaigns, and we don't stop there. Whether you are running ads on Facebook, Instagram, or a Pay Per Click program, we bring all of this marketing data together into a single location and help you optimize your marketing spending.


We have delivered millions of ads across the internet.  

Millions of ads that convert.

Results have proven to be cost efficient, lowering our clients cost per conversion while increasing sales.

Our proprietary advertising campaign strategy reaches ideal customers faster than any other type of marketing, especially when they are searching for your product or service.

We run high impact and highly targeted ad campaigns across popular digital media channels.

Fast, efficient marketing to boost your business is now more important than ever.